Simeon A. Smith, postgraduate research student and teaching assistant at RHUL and teacher of music at Reed's.

Home Page

I am a scholar-teacher currently undertaking PhD research and lecturing at Royal Holloway, University of London, and teaching at Reed's School, Cobham. My research interests lie at the intersection of musicology, anthropology, and philosophy and my current research centres on decolonization and music analysis.

Research interests

American music, arts education, avant-garde music, British music, colonialism, critical theory, decolonization, early modernism, education, epistemology, ethnomusicology, gender, global intellectual history, global music studies, interdisciplinary modernity, lifelong learning, modernism, music analysis, music and computer science, music and mathematics, music and philosophy, music and political economy, music and religion, music and social anthropology, music education, ontology, Orientalism, otherness, pitch-class set theory, postcolonialism, post-tonal analysis, race, Riemannian analysis, secondary education, tertiary education, twentieth-century music.

Teaching interests

Anthropology, collaborative learning, distance learning, ensemble performance, ethnomusicology, film music, global music studies, harmony and counterpoint, historical musicology (late nineteenth through to late twentieth century repertoires), jazz theory and history, music analysis, music technology, philosophy, popular music, studio composition and production.

Personal interests

Acoustics, anything extreme avant-garde, audio technology, bebop, brass band music, computer programming, contemporary art, economics, free jazz, Go (game), hip hop, guitar, landscape, law, logic, Marxist Greek song, modern languages and linguistics, oboe, organology, phonetics, piano, political science, psychology, religion, sailing, saxophone(s), sound recording, string quartets, Tetris, twentieth century history, United States geography, vintage computing, walking/hiking.